Is Ping Your Thing? [OP-ED]

Apple‘s “social network”, Ping, (released with iTunes 10) made its debut about one month ago and I’m beginning to think it’s kind of, you know…stupid. Unfortunately for Apple, I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say that the whole “iTunes meets Facebook and Twitter” thing was never destined to go anywhere really. Here’s why:

Jobs Ping

Steve Jobs unveils Ping

  • Trapped inside iTunes: Don’t get me wrong, I love iTunes. I think it’s the greatest music library software in the world. But honestly, I use iTunes when I’m ready to buy a song. I don’t use it to search for new music. I think Ping was designed, in part, to try and make iTunes like that, but I think Apple has tried to make it something that it’s not. If Ping were a website, like Pandora and Last.FM, offering streaming songs,  then maybe it would have more appeal. Then again, why would you use something besides Pandora, when that’s been around for a while and has a firm chokehold on that market anyway?
  • It doesn’t offer streaming music: Nothing is more disappointing than seeing that your favorite band recommended a song and all you can do is listen to a 30 second preview or else buy it. That’s just mean.
  • Torrents: Surprise! As long as torrents are around (which will probably be for a while), many people don’t even bother with the iTunes Store at all, they just get all their music for free. And since we’ve already begun to realize that Ping was probably only made to drive people to buy more music, then torrents render it somewhat pointless.

Apparently both Apple and Facebook are pretty confident that Ping will see full integration in the near future, thus expanded the reach of the network. Maybe it will even make it a bit more fun. But that’s not what I want. I want Facebook meets Pandora meets iTunes meets Twitter. That’s what I want. So far, Ping is none of those things. It’s just there.

Is Ping your thing? Leave a comment and let us know!

One Response to “Is Ping Your Thing? [OP-ED]”
  1. Justin Traas says:

    I hate Ping. I do pretty much everything that Steve Jobs tells me to do. But Ping is not my thing at all. It is lame. I feel like I need to base my argument off something concrete, but I can’t really think of anything specific. It’s just plain stupid.

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