Write-Up: Benton Paul, The Vibrant Sound, Others Hit Rexburg



The Vibrant Sound. Photo cred: Charles Clay

Wrapping up an eventful weekend at Sammy’s Restaurant, here’s our official write-up on yet another great show. Headlining the show was local band, The Climbing with performances by Las Vegas sensation Benton Paul as well as Utah acts Night Night and The Vibrant Sound.

First up was Night Night, from Provo. Their sound was something the audience probably wasn’t expecting, considering the good rocking that everyone got from Fictionist the night before. In our opinion, Night Night sounds a lot like Postal Service, sporting a smooth, ambient sound, something for the more intelligent listener. It felt a lot like driving down an empty freeway at 2am. In fact, about halfway through the set, frontman Scott Shephard asked the crowd to settle down and “enjoy the moment” with them. In the end though, the crowd wanted loud songs, so they opted for songs with a heavier beat. Too bad, but overall a great set.


Benton Paul. Photo cred: Charles Clay

Next up was Benton Paul, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. Paul recently opened for David Archuleta and has since built a sizable fan base. Rexburg was happy to have him too. Paul was also invited to perform at the Sammy’s grand opening back in September. The crowd for Saturday’s show was out the door as he started his set, serenading us with an acoustic performance of “Moon”. The crowd loved it and he had a great vibe going on in the venue. Paul himself cites UK artists such as Sting and Coldplay as some of his biggest influences and that sound come out in the album. He played some new songs for the crowd and had an amazing set.

The third act was The Vibrant Sound, whose sound was indeed nothing short of vibrant. The band has that hip-hop-with-a-message sound of Gym Class Heroes’ earlier stuff, with songs about subjects like gold-digging women to “society and the downfall of it”. The Vibrant Sound  opened with a cover of Marvin Gaye’s classic “Let’s Get It On”. The crowd loved it (as they love most covers). We loved it too.

Finally, Rexburg locals The Climbing, rocked the venue with both covers and original songs. The band,


The Climbing. Photo cred: Erica Rascon

known for some local performances including BYU Idaho’s Guitars Unplugged acoustic show. They commanded a lively stage presence. Their music isn’t too complex, just some simple, fun, pop-rock. They did manage to get the crowd down on the ground and singing along, then ending the set with some more upbeat tunes.

Starting Friday night, we started doing interviews with performers before the show at Sammy’s. Lars Lindstrom and Joseph Lindsay filmed and I interviewed, as part of Geek Sandwich’s exclusive coverage of these shows. These will be featured on the Sammy’s Rexburg YouTube channel. Here’s our interview with singer/songwriter Benton Paul:

Also, for more great photos, check out Charle’s Clay’s Flickr and Erica Rascon’s photo blog, another very talented photographer.


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