John Allred, Others Play Acoustic Set in Rexburg

Provo performer John Allred, along with Steven Halliday and Rexburg locals The Climbing played to a full house Saturday night at Sammy’s Rexburg. Allred, who usually plays with a full band, headlined the show with a nice acoustic set. He’s played more than a few times in Rexburg and the crowd was happy to have him back, a modest crowd showing up almost 30 minutes before the show started.


Steven Halliday

Kicking off the show was Steven Halliday, from Provo. He played some songs from his most recent (2009) album “Beginner’s Luck”. Halliday’s sound has a bouncing, flowing vibrato feel to it. Putting all of that together makes for a really unique feel, much like Jason Mraz, but with a stronger, fuller sound. He had a few jazzier songs and styled them well, with cool inflection on his words. He held the long notes really well.

One of the biggest things for me is whether or not a performer understands how volume works when you sing into a mic. A lot of people lack that and you want to cover your ears when they hit the big notes. But Halliday knows his stuff. This wasn’t his first rodeo and we’re hoping he makes his way back to Rexburg sometime soon. Check out his website and find him on iTunes.

Next up on stage was Rexburg local act, The Climbing, who played what is rumored to be their last show. If that is indeed true, then The Climbing went out with a bang. They opened up this beginning-of-December show with a Christmas song and played a couple of them throughout the set. The tamborine and maracca added a nice touch and, as always, The Climbing sure does love their “doo-bops”.

Last to take the stage was John Allred. Normally playing with a full band, Allred broke from the norm and did a solo act, acoustic in hand. As was stated before, Allred is pretty popular with the Rexburg crowd and was quick to have them locked in and into his music. His sound acts as a mirror to his influences, while still managing to strike out on its own and stay original. I would quickly compare him to such acts as Dashboard Confessional, Something Corporate and even Imogen Heap. Why, you ask? Allred, like many solo performers today, makes great use of loops to make his sound come off much richer.

Now, I’m not normally a fan of covers, but Allred did a few and did them in a way that had even me wanting more. Most impressive to me was a medley in which he seamlessly brought together some of the best pop songs of the last decade or two. Check out our video of one of his original songs:

Be sure to check out Allred’s extensive discography on iTunes.

All said and done, it was another great show. We’re definitely looking forward to next week’s show, when American Idol finalist Megan Joy and local act Preston Pugmire take the stage at the Pinnacle building in Rexburg.

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