Recent Outbreak: Split Relationship Disorder

Men have feelings. That being said, a man’s feelings can be hurt.

Heartache is impossible to avoid in the dating world. However, some pain can be prevented.

Men in Biohazard Suits

Helping to contain this epidemic

When one person is not fully invested in a relationship, it can be taxing on the other. It is worse when an individual seems very invested when around the other, but tells a different story to his or her roommates. This condition is known as “split relationship disorder.”

Though women are not necessarily to blame, they tend to have this disorder more than men do. Lately, there has been an outbreak of “Split Relationship Disorder” that is causing needless torment.

For example, a girl meets a guy who she enjoys being around. They go on several dates, which lead to handholding, kissing and other strong signs of affection.

The male in this situation feels safe to assume that they are a couple. However, when the female is not around him she is torn and debates ending relations with him. Thus, the guy falls victim to the girl’s indecisiveness and restraint.

The indecisiveness isn’t the lethal symptom in this ailment. Rather, hollow expressions and lack of communication are causing heartache.

Acting as two different people in a relationship is deceitful to both the victim and the deceiver. The victim feels that everything is well when it isn’t. The deceiver becomes numb by denying their apprehensions while with the other person. It’s easy to forget about another’s feelings when under the effects of this anesthesia.

There are several causes of “split relationship disorder.” For example, some feel that a committed relationship would ruin opportunities that could come while in the relationship. If you are too concerned with closing doors, then you will never open one.

Others may say that they need time to make a decision about the relationship. This is important but should not be done while cuddling.

Communication is the cure. As a general rule, if you can talk to your roommates about him, then you should talk to him. Talk to each other. If you are still deciding whether to be in a committed relationship, then let them know. Don’t pretend to be something that you’re not. Otherwise, the pain will stronger than being honest.

Make a decision about being a couple before being a couple.


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