REVIEW: iHappi Winter 2011 Kickoff Event

Last weekend marked the launch of Rexburg deal service start-up, iHappi. And with it came a huge party at Sammy’s Restaurant on College Avenue. Here’s our review of the first and biggest show of the winter 2011 semester:


Ryan Innes

Ryan Innes sings his heart out at iHappi's Kickoff event.

Hundreds of BYU-Idaho students packed into the venue at Sammy’s to see the likes of Ryan Innes, Truman and John Allred Friday night. First to take the stage was Provo artist, Ryan Innes. Ryan played at last semester’s Sammy’s grand opening block party and was eagerly welcomed back by the Rexburg crowd. Still easily one of THE freshest acts Rexburg has seen in a while, Ryan Innes brought the funk and brought it hard. Ryan studied music at Brigham Young University. There he found his musical style and has continued to flesh that out into a unique sound and flavor. Accompanying Ryan’s soulful vocals and keys was his band consisting of Kai Carter on the bass, and guitarists John Coker and Chase Baker. [Unfortunately, I never got the drummer’s name. If anyone knows it, please email me at].


The crowd also got a surprise performance from local sensation Preston Pugmire

Together, they rocked the place. They had a great stage presence and got the crowd rocking and clapping along to the beat. Innes abandoned the keyboard seat a few times to explore the stage a bit and have some fun. Coker knows his way around the strings and let’s everyone who hears his guitar solos know. This is definitely an act that would not seem out of place  at a House of Blues and we hope to see them again soon.

Next up was another Provo act, the brothers Truman. And I have to say, sorry guys, the Truman boys just stole all the Rexburg girls’ hearts. This sibling duo, originally from Nashville, TN knows how to perform. Like Ryan Innes, they played at the very first Sammy’s Rexburg party back in September. They sport a very laid back sound, offering a nice contrast to the rockin’-and-rollin’ of Ryan Innes and company.  The advantage of having both guitar and keys is that you can tone the sound down very easily and help the crowd slip into something more comfortable for a song or two. The brothers can effortlessly switch who’s got the lead on vocals, since they both have a certain mastery of their voices. And putting them together? Well, it’s like icing on the musical cake.

Headlining the show was John Allred. Allred played at Sammy’s not too long ago (see story) and was able to come back to Rexburg to the delight of fans, old and new alike. He played his usual lineup of covers and originals, starting off the set with a smooth rendition of Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” (loops and all).

allred plays sammys

John Allred

Most impressive, though, are Allred’s original acoustic tracks, in the which he uses looping to create the feeling of a full band backing him up. We love Allred!

All said and done, this was a great kickoff event and we’re sure that music-loving Rexburg citizens can look forward to more great performances in the future, courtesy of Sammy’s Sounds, Pinnacle Security and iHappi.

PHOTO CREDIT: Joey Ferguson (Joey also writes for us here at Geek Sandwich. Check out his stuff right here)

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  1. Fascinating view on things

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