Top 10 Games of 2010

Sadly it took me until 2011 to decide on my top ten games for 2010 but after much deliberation this is what came of it:

starcraft logo

1.  Starcraft II – The reason this game came out on top for me is because, of all the rest of my top ten, this game will survive longer with tournaments and free play long after most of these have died.  We can see this being similar to the original Starcraft with its 12-year run. How many people have called a game this close to perfection?


2.  World of Warcraft Cataclysm – Can 13 million people be wrong?  Well technically speaking yes, but its not in this case.  This MMO is the pinnacle of all of its kind– any others have to fight to even get out of its massive shadow.

3.  Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – More crazy undead zombie guys yelling nonsense than you can shake a stick at.  What’s not to like?

4.  BioShock 2 – It makes me want to move to an underwater city with crazy things called plasmids that can change your DNA and get chased by splicers and hack every machine that you find.  Almost.

5.  Kirby’s Epic Yarn – It’s cute, it’s cuddly, and it has great creativity to boot.  It is an amazing platformer with its innovations.  Beware of the cuteness factor though, may be prone to hugging random people after this game.

6.  Mario Galaxy 2 – All I can say is just like the first Mario Galaxy, the Italian plumber just can’t seem to go wrong.

7.  Fallout: New Vegas – Great RPG and a great story. I have only played a little, but I liked it just from the little I have played.

8.  Halo Reach – They finally figured out they needed to go back to basics to give back the god pistol.

9.  Call of Duty Black Ops – Storyline is great and the game play is gloriously gory. Only downside is now I am even more afraid of the government.

10.  Tatsunoko vs. Capcom- Fun over-the-top fighter game with extreme combos. Overall a fun experience with the large assortment of characters from my childhood.


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