the student’s guide to social media

Dallin TippettsAs the web continues to adapt and evolve, the innovation known as social media is making waves. While some claim that social media really had it’s beginnings at “probably about 7.34pm on a mild Tuesday in mid-April, around 165,000 BCE”*, the social media that we all know is barely a toddler. To say the least, we have opened a new net frontier–and it’s our job to explore it.

Why? For one, almost every company on the planet can benefit from understanding and making use of social media. It fuels interest, drives sales and establishes relationships with customers. But even more important than this is the impact that social media is having on the human experience in general.

Simply put, the world is more connected, and experts are claiming that search and social media are together creating a digital repository of sorts, effectively storing the collective human consciousness (search queries, status updates, locations, etc.) on the web. Although many are still unsure of it’s place in our world, the impact of social media is spurring start-ups and revolutions alike.

The new Geek Sandwich is an attempt to group knowledge of social media into one place and make it relevant to college students. Although especially important to Communication, CIT and Business Marketing majors, posts will be of interest to students of virtually any profession. The site has two main parts: News (featuring both breaking news and op-ed posts) and the individual posts which are much like Wikis on various social media topics.

Your suggestions are wanted and appreciated. In these first few months, the site is sure to be lacking some content. However, with your continued support, we will be able to build a valuable resource for students everywhere. You can email suggestions to or DM us on Twitter: @geeksandwich

*Lee Hopkins, “When did social media start? Probably about 7.34pm on a mild Tuesday in mid-April, around 165,000 BCE”, July 10, 2009


Dallin Tippetts is a student at the college of business and communication at Brigham Young University Idaho. His emphases are in advertising and new media. Dallin is also a project manager with the advertising agency at BYU-I’s I~Comm Student Media– a student-run media company where he leads a team of like-minded students to create professional branding and advertising. Follow him on Twitter: @dtippetts

2 Responses to “the student’s guide to social media”
  1. Lee Hopkins says:

    Flattered to have been referenced, and good luck with your project!
    Greetings from down under,

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