What Is Broadcastr?

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“We tweet. We blog. We YouTube. We connect on Facebook. What about our voices?”

That’s the idea behind Broadcastr, a crowdsourced social media platform that is based solely on audio. It was co-founded by Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum in New York City, NY. Much like YouTube, Broadcastr aims to give people a platform through which they can create their own original content and share it with others. It is also location-based, displaying stories on a Google map. It is planned for a full public launch sometime in mid-February, although beta invites are available by signing up for the free service at their website.

The Basics

1. Audio-only: Using whichever format you choose, whether recording it previously or recording on-the-spot, you can upload audio-only files to the Broadcastr system.

2. Location-Based: A main component of the Broadcastr platform is location. It’s much more location-based than other media-sharing platforms such as YouTube. The main interface displays a Google-powered map of the world. You can hone in on your area or you can go literally anywhere you want and Broadcastr will display the broadcasts within the area of the map that fills your screen and automatically puts them in a numbered order. I can see this becoming a huge advantage of Broadcastr when the mobile app launches.

3. Categories: You have the option of categorizing a recording when you upload a broadcast. A few of the categories are “Arts & Culture”, “Citizen Journalism”, “Events”, “History”, “Politics”, “Reviews” and hilariously, “WTF”. Of particular interest is “Citizen Journalism”. Imagine Twitter, but spoken. Imagine what it would be like to get real-time, real-audio updates on international, national and local news happenings.

4. Followers: Like Twitter, Tumblr and so many other micro-blogging services, Broadcastr will make the experience completely social by enabling users to follow one another. Nothing new, but good to know.

How Are Businesses/Brands Using Broadcastr?

Although Broadcastr is still in the beta stages, many brands and organizations have already embraced the platform and are creating content for it. There is a Featured panel with sponsored content. Info from the people at Broadcastr itself is hard to come by so it’s difficult to say exactly what their plans are for the future, but I’ll make a few predictions.

First off, as I mentioned before, I can see this being used as a source for real-time news updates. Sources such as CNN and the New York Times would probably do well to consider how they could use the service to drive more people to their content. Next, I could see it being a great source for reviews from companies such as Yelp, Urbanspoon and others. Imagine walking near a restaurant and listening to audio reviews from real people about the place.

Broadcastr has a promising future and the potential to build something with a legitimate business model.

Is Broadcastr Hiring?

As far as I have been able to tell, Broadcastr is not currently hiring. However, as the service moves through the beta stages and towards a full public release, it would not be unlikely to see them hiring a lot of people. Positions might include account executives, developers and the like.

How Do I Join Broadcastr?

As stated before, Broadcastr is currently in the beta stages, which means it isn’t open to the public at large quite yet. That being said, you can sign up for an invite to the beta by visiting www.broadcastr.com


Dallin Tippetts is a student at the college of business and communication at Brigham Young University Idaho. His emphases are in advertising and new media. Dallin is also a project manager with the advertising agency at BYU-I’s I~Comm Student Media– a student-run media company where he leads a team of like-minded students to create professional branding and advertising. Follow him on Twitter: @dtippetts


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  1. Nice I plan to put this to good use. By the way the links aren’t working it doesn’t direct me to the site.

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