Geek Sandwich began as my student project for a class called New Media Strategies and Tactics at Brigham Young University Idaho. Under the mantra, “Techies, geeks and hispters unite!” the site featured posts on a wide range of subjects including coverage of live music shows, book reviews, tech, video games and various lifestyle topics.

The site was slow to catch on, but after a couple of months, it started to gain momentum. I put in somewhere in the vicinity of 180 hours over the course of three months, in addition to school and work, and I absolutely loved it. I found I had a real passion for blogging and new media. Before I knew it, Geek Sandwich had a handful of eager writers under its belt.

Unfortunately, I started to get more and more requests to cover stories that I had increasingly less interest in. By Christmas 2010 the posts, once averaging about 4 per week, slowed to a trickle and then came to a screeching halt. Geek Sandwich was turning into an obligation rather than a passion. I was about to shut down the project when I realized what an asset it was. Seeing that my primary career interest is in advertising and social media, I set out to re-brand Geek Sandwich as the social media guide for students.

My hope is that the site will become not only a resource for college students interested in new media, but also a resource to help me land a job in the industry. I hope to communicate my knowledge of the field and my skills in managing, maintaining and promoting a large-scale blog.

If you’re interested, you can follow the project on Twitter (@geeksandwich) as well as follow my personal tweets (@dtippetts).



-Dallin Tippetts


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