the student’s guide to social media

As the web continues to adapt and evolve, the innovation known as social media is making waves. While some claim that social media really had it’s beginnings at “probably about 7.34pm on a mild Tuesday in mid-April, around 165,000 BCE”*, the social media that we all know is barely a toddler. To say the least, … Continue reading

Clash of the Titans: Facebook Vs. Google [OP-ED]

I was having a conversation with my dad the other day about Google. My dad has been a long-time player in the Google game when it comes to local listings. He owns his own top-level plumbing and air conditioning business, Rainforest Plumbing & Air, in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s fought hard to stay on the cutting … Continue reading

RockMelt Melts Our Faces Off

In days past, I was a Firefox kind of guy. IE7, Safari, Opera and even the hailed Google Chrome just didn’t do it for me like Firefox did. I was in techno-love with the browser. And why not? I mean, with relatively fast downloads, tons of nifty ad-ons, low crash rate and of course all … Continue reading

Woman Kills Baby Over Farmville

A Jacksonville woman has been charged with second degree murder after shaking her baby to death because the baby interrupted her while playing FarmVille. Alexandra Tobias, 22, plead guilty to the charges and could face up to 50 years in prison. Tobias was playing FarmVille one afternoon and the baby was crying, apparently interfering with … Continue reading

Geek Sandwich Featured On I~News!

Last Friday, Geek Sandwich co-creator Dallin Tippetts was interviewed by Tucker Debevec of BYU-Idaho’s I~News webcast. In the interview, I talk about my motivation for starting the blog and about some of the big accomplishments that we’ve reached so far. The video is featured on the BYU-Idaho I~Comm webpage. Check it out!  

Facebook Adds New Groups Feature

It’s been a big week for Mark Zuckerberg and his social media giant Facebook. The first in a series of changes to occur in the coming weeks and months, the new Groups feature was unveiled yesterday at a press conference at the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California. And, yes, it is a step-up from … Continue reading

Is Ping Your Thing? [OP-ED]

Apple‘s “social network”, Ping, (released with iTunes 10) made its debut about one month ago and I’m beginning to think it’s kind of, you know…stupid. Unfortunately for Apple, I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say that the whole “iTunes meets Facebook and Twitter” thing was never destined to go … Continue reading