Recent Outbreak: Split Relationship Disorder

Men have feelings. That being said, a man’s feelings can be hurt. Heartache is impossible to avoid in the dating world. However, some pain can be prevented. When one person is not fully invested in a relationship, it can be taxing on the other. It is worse when an individual seems very invested when around … Continue reading

Weekly Bender: Book 1, Chapter 4 “The Warriors of Kyoshi”

Welcome back, fellow geeks. This week’s review is of “The Warriors of Kyoshi,” the fourth episode in season one of Avatar. In this week’s escapade, Aang and his friends find themselves on Kyoshi island. Why have they traveled to this peaceful little nation? To ride giant fish, of course. That’s right, the episode begins with … Continue reading

The Not-So-“Looney”: 5 Cartoons You Should Watch

You can try and suppress it, but you will fail. I am referring to your insatiable desire to watch cartoons. Despite how old you are, you will watch them. Don’t deny. Here is a list of animated delights that will be useful for when you inevitably give in. 5: Squidbillies Do you like squids? How … Continue reading

Weekly Bender: Book 1, Chapter 3: Southern Air Temple

This week, I resumed my journey through Avatar, picking up at episode three, “The Southern Air Temple.” We open to the gang, preparing themselves to visit Aang’s home, the Southern Air Temple. As always, Aang is a peppy ray of sunshine, still expecting to go home and find his people waiting for him. Katara reminds him … Continue reading

Sandwich City: Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters

Hey everyone, Dallin here with another Sandwich City Star Wars post. As I was roaming the spacious fields of the Internets this morning, I stumbled upon these little beauties: vintage SW travel posters by Steve Thomas. The original post is located at Steve Thomas Art, his official website and he’s got a lot of great … Continue reading

‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ Show Posters

Graphic designer David Palmer has created some great-looking posters for our Geek Sandwich-sponsored show in Rexburg on the 12th of this month. Check them out and let us know what you think! Check out this excerpt from our official announcement of the show a few weeks ago: White boy hip-hop sensation, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, … Continue reading

Adventure And Intrigue At Blizzcon 2010

Where else can you find 35,000 gamers, over 1000 computers set up and ready to play, Tenacious D and two days dedicated solely to gaming?  Only one I can think of, Blizzcon. The whole adventure was nothing short of amazing.  During the opening ceremony, Blizzard’s CEO, Mike Morehaime, gave us a pretty nostalgic rundown of … Continue reading

OMG RMRZ!: Another Star Wars Trilogy?

UPDATE: Apparently this one has been debunked. Check out the scoop over at Original: Yes, friends, you read correctly. This week’s rumor has it that George Lucas is planning to produce yet another Star Wars trilogy some two years after the original trilogy is re-released in 3D. An unnamed source inside Lucasfilm reportedly tipped … Continue reading

Weekly Bender: One Episode of Avatar Every Week

Avatar: The Last Airbender is an amazing cartoon series. The movie based on it, titled The Last Airbender and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, is…not quite as amazing. So, in order to remind everyone how great the original series was, we at Geek Sandwich are going to take an episode-by-episode journey through the series. Our … Continue reading

Read Amory Wars IKS Issue #1 Online

MTV Geek announced yesterday that issue #1 of Claudio Sanchez’s “The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3″ is available to read via their website for free. Check it out here: Sanchez’s amazing sci-fi comic series has gained a lot of notoriety lately. Some of this is due in part to Coheed … Continue reading