Sandwich City: Posters and Voices

Well hello all, I’ve decided to take a short break from my detailed written works comprising the events of the Star Wars: Clone Wars, to bring you a short and sweet message about awesome Star Wars finds on the internet. Yesterday on twitter I noticed that one of the tweets was a link to an … Continue reading

Sandwich City: “Star Wars: Clone Wars, Chapter 21”

If you haven’t seen the original Clone Wars that came out in between Episodes II and III, then you are missing out on some of the greatest Star Wars moments of all time. The series was created and drawn by Genndy Tartakovsky and a team of artists in 2005, and was aired on Cartoon Network. … Continue reading

Sandwich City: Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters

Hey everyone, Dallin here with another Sandwich City Star Wars post. As I was roaming the spacious fields of the Internets this morning, I stumbled upon these little beauties: vintage SW travel posters by Steve Thomas. The original post is located at Steve Thomas Art, his official website and he’s got a lot of great … Continue reading

Sandwich City: Republic Gunship

I think that if there is one ship that everyone remembers from Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3, as well as from the Clone Wars Cartoon series, it is the Republic Gunship. The first reminder (in my mind) is when the Jedi swoop in at the last minute at the end of Episode II to … Continue reading

OMG RMRZ!: Another Star Wars Trilogy?

UPDATE: Apparently this one has been debunked. Check out the scoop over at Original: Yes, friends, you read correctly. This week’s rumor has it that George Lucas is planning to produce yet another Star Wars trilogy some two years after the original trilogy is re-released in 3D. An unnamed source inside Lucasfilm reportedly tipped … Continue reading

Sandwich City: The V-Wing

If you’re not familiar with the Star Wars expanded universe, today’s topic on Sandwich City will be a new one for you. The Slayn & Korpil V-Wing Airspeeder is a move by the New Republic in order to employ an in atmosphere fighter that could hang with the ever increasing amount of TIE Fighters. The … Continue reading

Sandwich City: Tantive IV

Darth Vader was never a very nice person. He was also kind of a cry baby (my personal opinion) that had issues with randomly force choking people, and blowing up perfectly good ships. The Tantive IV is a perfect example. In the Star Wars series the Tantive IV spends a whole of 5-10 minutes on … Continue reading

Sandwich City: The A-Wing

The A-Wing… Most remember it as the ship that took down the Executor, Darth Vader’s personal Super Star Destroyer. It took only 3 of these brilliantly fast machines to accomplish that miraculous accomplishment, and for that reason it has become my personal favorite when it comes to ships used by the Rebel Alliance. It has … Continue reading

Sandwich City

Floating 60,000 km above the planet Bespin, among the clouds, you will find Cloud City. 40,000 km above that beautiful city, and another 50,000 km to the left, you will find, hidden among the gasses, Sandwich City, home of the Geek Sandwich Star Wars headquarters. Although Sandwich City doesn’t actually exist in the Star Wars … Continue reading