Cataclysm Review

  With the third expansion Cataclysm to the epic MMO saga known a World of Warcraft with an unprecedented 13 million users the standards were almost, ridiculously, set high.  After reaching the level cap and playing some of the new content on both factions.  I can tell you this in comparison to the two previous … Continue reading

Top 10 Games of 2010

Sadly it took me until 2011 to decide on my top ten games for 2010 but after much deliberation this is what came of it: 1.  Starcraft II – The reason this game came out on top for me is because, of all the rest of my top ten, this game will survive longer with … Continue reading

Clash of the Titans: Facebook Vs. Google [OP-ED]

I was having a conversation with my dad the other day about Google. My dad has been a long-time player in the Google game when it comes to local listings. He owns his own top-level plumbing and air conditioning business, Rainforest Plumbing & Air, in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s fought hard to stay on the cutting … Continue reading

RockMelt Melts Our Faces Off

In days past, I was a Firefox kind of guy. IE7, Safari, Opera and even the hailed Google Chrome just didn’t do it for me like Firefox did. I was in techno-love with the browser. And why not? I mean, with relatively fast downloads, tons of nifty ad-ons, low crash rate and of course all … Continue reading

Apps You Need: iHome+Sleep

DISCLAIMER: You don’t need an iHome for this app to be useful. It functions just fine on its own. Throughout modern history, one item has been almost indispensable to the human race: the alarm clock. The alarm clock has been with us for quite a while now and, like most essential technologies, it has evolved … Continue reading

Angry Birds As Stop-Motion Paper Animation?

Good morning geeks! Nothing quite says Friday like a Angry Birds enthusiast who animated the popular Angry Birds iPhone game using paper and stop-motion animation techniques. Hats off to Gregory Cortez for making this. Click on the link below to watch the video. Agnry Birds was developed by Rovio Mobile. Like it? Follow us … Continue reading

Nintendo World Store In NY Get’s a Makeover

On Wired today, I saw an interesting article about the Nintendo World Store in New York. I went there about 3 years ago and I was very impressed, and apparently as of this week the store has experienced a pretty major overhaul. On November 7, the store will hold a “Mario Party” to celebrate Luigi’s … Continue reading

Woman Kills Baby Over Farmville

A Jacksonville woman has been charged with second degree murder after shaking her baby to death because the baby interrupted her while playing FarmVille. Alexandra Tobias, 22, plead guilty to the charges and could face up to 50 years in prison. Tobias was playing FarmVille one afternoon and the baby was crying, apparently interfering with … Continue reading

Boom! MacBook Air

When Apple first announced that they were releasing the MacBook Air some 5 years ago, I was excited. When they announced they were updating said laptop, I was ecstatic. I currently own a 15” MacBook Pro. It’s a great computer, it runs quick, and it does everything I need it to do and more. It’s … Continue reading

Apple Reinvents The Mac

It seems as if Apple had been planning this all out from the beginning, way back when they released the very first iPhone. CEO Steve Jobs had to have it on his mind back then, the direction that his company and its devices would be taking. It all seems to have culminated in the new … Continue reading