John Allred, Others Play Acoustic Set in Rexburg

Provo performer John Allred, along with Steven Halliday and Rexburg locals The Climbing played to a full house Saturday night at Sammy’s Rexburg. Allred, who usually plays with a full band, headlined the show with a nice acoustic set. He’s played more than a few times in Rexburg and the crowd was happy to have … Continue reading

Clash of the Titans: Facebook Vs. Google [OP-ED]

I was having a conversation with my dad the other day about Google. My dad has been a long-time player in the Google game when it comes to local listings. He owns his own top-level plumbing and air conditioning business, Rainforest Plumbing & Air, in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s fought hard to stay on the cutting … Continue reading

Sandwich City: Posters and Voices

Well hello all, I’ve decided to take a short break from my detailed written works comprising the events of the Star Wars: Clone Wars, to bring you a short and sweet message about awesome Star Wars finds on the internet. Yesterday on twitter I noticed that one of the tweets was a link to an … Continue reading

RockMelt Melts Our Faces Off

In days past, I was a Firefox kind of guy. IE7, Safari, Opera and even the hailed Google Chrome just didn’t do it for me like Firefox did. I was in techno-love with the browser. And why not? I mean, with relatively fast downloads, tons of nifty ad-ons, low crash rate and of course all … Continue reading

Weekly Bender: Book 1, Chapter 4 “The Warriors of Kyoshi”

Welcome back, fellow geeks. This week’s review is of “The Warriors of Kyoshi,” the fourth episode in season one of Avatar. In this week’s escapade, Aang and his friends find themselves on Kyoshi island. Why have they traveled to this peaceful little nation? To ride giant fish, of course. That’s right, the episode begins with … Continue reading

Review: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Throws Down at Sammy’s

The lyrically inclined Can’t Stop Won’t Stop stole the hearts of the innocent and dominated the weak at their show at Sammy’s Restaurant in Rexburg, ID last night. The group features Nigel Goodwin, DJ Tron Majik and David Peterson and is based out of Provo, Utah. Chance Lewis and Shawty and the Beast also took … Continue reading

Apps You Need: iHome+Sleep

DISCLAIMER: You don’t need an iHome for this app to be useful. It functions just fine on its own. Throughout modern history, one item has been almost indispensable to the human race: the alarm clock. The alarm clock has been with us for quite a while now and, like most essential technologies, it has evolved … Continue reading

Sandwich City: “Star Wars: Clone Wars, Chapter 21”

If you haven’t seen the original Clone Wars that came out in between Episodes II and III, then you are missing out on some of the greatest Star Wars moments of all time. The series was created and drawn by Genndy Tartakovsky and a team of artists in 2005, and was aired on Cartoon Network. … Continue reading

The Not-So-“Looney”: 5 Cartoons You Should Watch

You can try and suppress it, but you will fail. I am referring to your insatiable desire to watch cartoons. Despite how old you are, you will watch them. Don’t deny. Here is a list of animated delights that will be useful for when you inevitably give in. 5: Squidbillies Do you like squids? How … Continue reading

Write-Up: Benton Paul, The Vibrant Sound, Others Hit Rexburg

  Wrapping up an eventful weekend at Sammy’s Restaurant, here’s our official write-up on yet another great show. Headlining the show was local band, The Climbing with performances by Las Vegas sensation Benton Paul as well as Utah acts Night Night and The Vibrant Sound. First up was Night Night, from Provo. Their sound was … Continue reading